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"If Alessia Caro and Ulfric Stormcloak weren’t 200 years, one Empire and a race apart, they would have loved each other so much. Xenophobia of a race/multiple races based on biased information and ignorant hatred? They’re perfect for each other. Sure, they might have arguments over Alessia’s love of torturing innocent creatures - Ulfric, after all, was tortured himself and may have difficulty doing so due to whatever hidden empathy he owns - but in the end they’d be wonderful together."

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Hey guys look I’m gonna ship two characters who have nothing alike and slyly fit “ZOMG ULFRIC AM RASSIST ITS OBJECTIVE SHUTUP” in there because I’m too lazy to spend thirty seconds reading some lore and realizing the opposite is true. Aren’t I just sooOOOoooOOooo clever?


"I love the amulet of Articulation."

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So much this. I love how the effect makes it impossible to fail a persuasion, but you get it late enough in a major questline that it doesn’t absolutely break the game. I love the story behind acquiring it, not just finishing the quests but becoming the leader by relatively reasonable means. I love how the effect could be interpreted as not necessarily magical, as seeing the pendant around your neck would make anyone realize who you are and think twice before disagreeing with you.

The only thing I don’t really like is the design. Three thieves guild symbols seems to indicate the Nightingale trinity, and the Nightingales suck.



"I will never be able to play as a Stormcloak.  despite my desire to see all the aspects of the game, the thought of a further-divided empire means the Thalmor win.  I hate the Thalmor more so than anything else in the game."

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The Stormcloaks are so racist. :/

The game basically makes you choose to be a bigot or a racist. :P

Not that I can stop playing it.

Viva la empire! :D

The Stormcloaks are not racist at all. Let’s take a look at the classic examples of pro-Imperial (or rather, anti-Stormcloak) arguments that get constantly spewed out with no examination, shall we?

  • Dunmer segregation in Windhelm
  • Argonians kept on the docks
  • Khajiit not allowed in cities
  • "Skyrim belongs to the Nords"

The Dunmer came to Windhelm soon after the events of the last game, long before Ulfric was even alive. Vvardenfell was destroyed by the red mountain volcanic eruption, so the Nords offered them a safe haven in the form of a large portion of their city. After nearly two centuries, their isolationism and unwillingness to contribute anything to society has turned their refuge into a ghetto and turned the citizens of Windhelm against them. They are accused of being imperial spies because they won’t lift a finger to help the Stormcloaks fight for their beliefs after being allowed to keep their foreign and “evil” customs like Daedra worship. In accordance with the Decree of Monument set forth by the high king, the refugees owe no fealty to the Jarl or hold, aren’t taxed, and have freedom to come and go as they please. One of them even has a farm outside the city with Nords working for him, and he says his kin need to actually work toward bettering themselves instead of complaining constantly.

The Argonians have a long history of violence and slavery with the Dunmer. For centuries the elves have been buying and selling them like cattle, and even going to war when they had enough oppression and killed one of the traders. The Argonians are also connected to the Hist and have the been known to band together in a regenerative collective consciousness (like in Oblivion when they invaded a gate and drove the Daedra back). So you tell me, is it wise to let two large groups of people with such animosity and potential for violence mingle in the streets of a city whose guards are stretched thin enough by war already?

Only the Khajiit caravans are banned from entering cities because they are known to be thieves and drug dealers. This isn’t racial profiling, it’s fact - linger around their camps and listen to them discuss getting the shakes from not having their moon sugar hit. Individual Khajiit not associated with the caravans are allowed in cities, like J’zargo, Tsavani, and Shavari. Even the latter, a secret Thalmor assassin, is allowed into Riften simply because she isn’t part of the trading company.

Last, and simplest. "Skyrim belongs to the Nords" is political, not ethnocentric. If you knew anything about the war, this would be obvious. The Nords want to break free of the crumbling empire and not be told how to live their lives by elven dictators, not kick everyone that isn’t them out of the country. It goes along with their other battle cry, “Death to the empire.”

Aside from that, what has Ulfric done that could be racist? Could it be the Markarth Incident, where he was asked by the empire to overthrow a barbaric group of domestic terrorists, then imprisoned for wanting to get back some of his people’s traditions? Or maybe it’s the fact that he allows multiple Altmer and Imperials to live in Windhelm and have perfectly normal lives - the very races that represent his enemy factions and whom he should be the most suspicious of by rights?

Now just for fun, let’s take a look at some examples of how the empire is demonstrably more racist. The very definition of Imperialism is a fitting place to start. The idea of an empire is to have one culture set up as dominant and teach your people that it is superior to others and necessary for foreign cultures to advance and maintain civility. General Tullius confirms this mentality with regards to the local Nords, the very people he’s supposed to be protecting. His negative statements and sarcastic tones with both his enemies and his own soldiers show significant apathy and disdain for their culture, religion, and political structure.

"Any last requests before I send you to…to wherever you people go when you die?"

"You people and your damn Jarls."

"Without [the legion] to keep order, the provinces would fall into barbarism and lawlessness. Especially Skyrim."

Try calling any non-white race “you people,” fictional or otherwise, and see how far you get before being referred to the KKK. Also bear in mind that it’s the empire that has consistently been passing legislation to keep the slave trade in Morrowind legal, a business that specifically targets Argonians, clearly showing that they value the entitlement of some cultures over the basic civil liberties of others.

So tell me again - how are the Stormcloaks so racist compared to the fascist bureaucracy they’re trying to break away from, the genocidal supremacists they refuse to bend knee to, and the slave traders / drug addicts they’re supposedly oppressing?


"I will never be able to play as a Stormcloak.  despite my desire to see all the aspects of the game, the thought of a further-divided empire means the Thalmor win.  I hate the Thalmor more so than anything else in the game."

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I genuinely don’t get the logic being employed here. The empire already lost Black Marsh, Morrowind, and Hammerfell - but if Skyrim secedes as well then suddenly everything is doomed. To the same time they argue that Skyrim isn’t able to defend itself from the Thalmor. So an independent Skyrim and a shattered empire are doomed, but Skyrim still part of a shattered empire is fine?

> join Rats proverkill day 1
> in bathroom, hear lab hissing
> kabewm
> um guys I just joined, am nowhere near the lab, and have no ingredients
> kicked

> join Firestarter proverkill day 1
> credit to team by blowing trucks with c4, leading bags through back road, picking gate
> host camping in the middle of the street, revive him twice with inspire
> all bags and players in the van, host standing by the fence
> “y is ur profile privat”
> didn’t say any names, naturally assume he’s talking to the other players with high infamy
> kicked

> join Rats proverkill day 3
> team has 4 sentry guns, no opposition for money bagging and c4 defusing
> getting one of the last bags, no prompt for c4 interaction
> bus blows with only me left inside, everybody else throwing bags in the chopper
> oh well, team can escape and I still get xp even after being in custody
> 2 seconds left in bleedout, team in escape zone
> “he made us miss a bag”
> kicked

This community is almost as toxic as L4D2 versus. Almost.

Falling Skies plot pacing - Glass



Episode three: Okay I found one of the monsters and tried questioning it but I was angry and stabbed it while it was mind melding with a kid almost killing her and didn’t get any information but had a dream later about where my daughter was so sent out scouts who found a safe zone in five minutes and then I was instantly with my daughter in a hippie commune and I don’t even care that she’s 30 years old.


"I sympathize with the Stormcloaks most, simple because I like the lore on their side of the story better.  I guess that I should be grateful that even fictional racism and exclusion is frowned upon."

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Not sure if “fictional racism” is only being used because it takes place in a fictional world, or because Stormcloaks aren’t actually racist.

Falling Skies plot pacing - Weaver




Episode four: Oh I found my daughter but she got turned into a monster and has been attacking us but then she died defending me from one of the bad guys so she had free will which means her sacrifice wasn’t in vain because the aliens can never fully destroy our humanity and in the end I’m glad she died because it’s better than her having to live like a monster.

An allegory of sorts

You’re doing pretty well for yourself. You have a fairly big house with a finished basement and pool in the back yard, a loving family that is kept warm and fed, and a decent amount of money put away in the bank.

Your neighbors are doing pretty well too, though you don’t really know them enough to consider yourselves close friends. You see them occasionally backing out of the driveway or mowing the lawn and give a courteous head nod or wave, and that’s about it. Sometimes your son goes over to their house to play video games, or their son comes over to your house to study, but other than that there isn’t a whole lot of interaction between your families. But that’s okay. You’re doing well. They’re doing well.

Unfortunately, they don’t do well for much longer. One night a terrible storm rips through the neighborhood and their house is struck by lightning. The whole family manages to make it out of the fire, but with their home business destroyed and assets up in smoke, they are now broke and with no place to stay. Wanting to do the right thing and show some hospitality, you invite them to stay at your house until things can be cleared up and they get back on their feet. You move the pool table and juke box out of the basement, buy a bunch of air mattresses and collapsible wall dividers, and move them into your house with no obligation to pay rent until they can find new jobs and a place to stay.

Five years pass.

Things are at a boiling point in your house. Your neighbors have been living here free of charge for half a decade, but nothing has changed. Your finished basement is now a pigsty with rat infested garbage piling up in the corners and mold dripping from the ceiling. The father of this family has a job fencing stolen jewelry and is wasting the money on booze and junk food instead of doing anything to fix up his part of your home or buying time to find a safer line of work. Despite previously bringing some great dishes to block parties, his wife has never set foot in your kitchen to help out with dinner or empty the dishwasher. Your sons are no longer friends and instead ride different buses to and from school so as to avoid the shame of being seen with each other.

In no way through action or inaction have you brought this situation upon your neighbor or his family. You offered him a place to live, but he quickly became complacent and uncooperative. You continue to not charge him any rent, knowing he is earning a bit of money but not using it to improve his own life. Sick of being taken advantage of and walked all over, you confront him one day in your living room. You ask why he hasn’t gotten a real job (even offering for him to come work for you), why he doesn’t contribute anything to your household, and why the only thing that’s different after five years of living with you for free is that he’s made a mess of the entire floor of your house you gave him.

While this conversation is happening in the living room by an open window, a random passerby on the sidewalk sees and hears everything you’re saying.

One person yelling at another person. That’s what they see.

They wonder what happened, how things came to this, and who is to blame. They want to try helping both parties without giving even more handouts to the beneficiaries or patronizing the benefactors. They’re curious about a bad situation and are willing and able to resolve it.

Actually, no. That’s not quite it. There’s one tiny detail we left out at the beginning.

You just happen to be white. Your neighbor just happens to be black. Now let’s backtrack.

While this conversation is happening in the living room by an open window, a random passerby on the sidewalk sees and hears everything you’re saying.

An angry, overzealous, self-righteous bigot being abusive to a downtrodden victim of prejudicial society. That’s what they see.

This passerby barges into your home and demands to know why you’re being so racist. “I’m not!” you try to explain. But the stranger runs through your house, sees the disgusting basement and the horrible way your neighbors are living, hears your family complaining about their presence, and blames you for all of it. It doesn’t help that your neighbor is confirming these allegations, saying YOU did this to him. YOU forced him down into that basement. Everything that’s happened to his family is YOUR fault. They can’t leave this place because of YOU.

But you didn’t force him down there, you try to explain. You offered it to him, no charge, and gave him more than enough time to try getting back on his feet. He accepted it and milked you for your hospitality, inadvertently or not. But that doesn’t mean you’re keeping him there on purpose out of abuse or superiority or anything. In fact, his son just left at the beginning of the year for college – pushing past his family’s circumstances and moving on to actually make an effort to do something with his life.

In addition, you were always accepting of his beliefs. During the holidays you would always tell him “Joyous Kwanzaa” instead of “Merry Christmas” because you knew he celebrated things differently. Every year the side tables in the entryway to your house would be adorned with the tiny tree and star on one, and the cup and candleholder on the other. Despite your tolerance and openness to his beliefs, he refused to sign your petition last year when the city council enacted a ban on ‘nativity scene’ lawn decorations.

The stranger doesn’t hear it. They saw a white person yelling at a black person, and that’s good enough for them. They don’t need to listen to anything you have to say, examine the situation at all, or talk to people on both ends of this arrangement. One observation, one subconscious connection, one erroneous foregone conclusion. To them, your household is nothing but a bunch of bigots and usurpers, and anyone who likes your family is just as bad.

Make sense? Time for the kicker.

Now go through all that again and replace white with Nord, black with Dunmer, and five years with 180. The lightning is now obviously a volcano, your basement is a fourth of a major city, Kwanzaa is Daedra worship, and the ban on sensitive Christmas decorations is the kidnapping, imprisonment, torture, and genocide of Talos worshippers.

Oh, and the passerby is the Dragonborn. A Dragonborn that, through lack of mental effort, open-mindedness, or willingness to examine anything beyond the immediate and superficial, is now guaranteed to join the Imperial Legion.

Congratulations, you now understand the Stormcloaks.

Why, skrimconfessionss? Just why?

Over the past 24 hours there have been a slew of pro-Stormcloak submissions to the “Skyrim Confessions” page. Normally such a stance would be seen as welcome and long overdue, but the nature of these posts have not only been offensive and prejudicial, but extremely inaccurate to every argument or analysis of the civil war that I’ve ever come across.

The war in Skyrim has very little to do with the American Revolution beyond the “rebellion” stereotype, but that isn’t the point. The point is that this confession being entirely inaccurate seems to paint Stormcloak supporters in a very negative and ignorant light. While there are a handful of players who may think this, the entire group’s reputation suffers because of things like this.

This is straight up racism apologia, but using a completely wrong base argument. Ulfric does not hate elves or Argonians, and not every individual of these races (ignoring the “elf” lumping) displays the uncooperative and isolationist attitudes shown by the Dunmer of Windhelm. It’s basically setting up a completely irrational straw man, but then supporting it from the perspective of a true bigot with a defeatist argument. Show me a Stormcloak who thinks this way.

Ulfric does not hate elves. He hates the Thalmor, which are comprised almost exclusively of high elves, but does not hate the entire race or the races that fall under the category of elf at all. More defeatism. In any case, Ulfric is not “allowing” the Dunmer in his city. Their refuge was decreed by the high king some 200 years ago, and they were there before Ulfric was even born.

I also need to address the “ya der refujeez but dey gotta getto!” counterargument to the hospitality of the Nords. The Gray Quarter was a normal part of the city known as the Snow Quarter prior to the Dunmer’s arrival, and only became a slum due to their negligence and lack of effort to work at bettering any aspect of their lives. I’ll even entertain the ridiculous notion that it was a ghetto before they arrived - is that really so horrible, given their ability to stay there for free, with no taxes owed to any Jarl, and retain their foreign (arguably illegal) religious customs? Even then, if they had free reign and total control over a part of the city essentially given to them as a sort of New Morrowind, is it entirely out of their control to fix the place up in the 200 years they’ve been there?

"Nords are racist, we live in a ghetto."

"Was it a ghetto when you got here?"

"No, it was a clean and well-maintained part of the city."

Everything was fine before you showed up. It’s your fault.

"Nords are racist, we live in a ghetto."

"Was it a ghetto when you got here?"

"Yes, it looked exactly like this."

You haven’t made an effort to change anything. It’s your fault.

That’s not racism apologia. It’s just common sense.

This one isn’t as bad as the others, but has two major flaws. The first is that it supports the idea that “Skyrim belongs to the Nords” is an ethnocentric statement, when it is obviously a political one. Anyone who knows what the civil war is about should realize this, especially with the companion battle cry “Death to the empire!”

Secondly, while acknowledging that the empire is more racist than the Stormcloaks, it fails to back this up with anything but game mechanics. If they presented a brief analysis of what imperialism actually is and shown the very prejudicial comments General Tullius makes, it would have been a much more relevant argument.

Now let’s quickly look at a question someone posed the blog and how it was ludicrously answered.

theponybro:can you guys use some common sense with all these ridiculos stormcloak submissions i mean im an imperial but ive heard a lot of good arguements from stormcloaks and none of them say any of the stupid things your past few posts have said

While not the most literate of posts, I wholeheartedly agree. Even Imperials have started to realize that no one actually thinks the way this person does (assuming it is in fact one person, as the queuing seems to indicate). The response:

Common sense? We don’t delete confessions or choose not to post them if they sound “stupid” to someone or in turn favour those that would seem like “good arguments”. We want everyone to be able to express an opinion, as long as it’s in an unoffensive way. If you can clearly point out reasons why a confessions is offensive, we will consider removing it, otherwise they stay on the blog. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I personally think calling someone’s opinion “ridiculous” or “stupid” is just rude and arrogant. If you don’t agree or think they are wrong because they don’t have all the information related to form an opinion, comment on the posts and tell your opinion or educate, there’s no need for bashing others. You are entitled to your opinion just as they are entitled to theirs. We don’t choose sides on this blog.

Yes, you are very clearly choosing sides. When you make the conscious decision to publish a submission that is very clearly steeped in ignorance and will make anyone associated with a certain group look like a moron, you’re doing nothing but perpetuating the stereotypes associated with them. Let’s look at what another person said in response:

// painfruit said: I don’t care if you want to stay out of it, but don’t get on your high horse about “bashing others” when someone takes issue with the kind of disgusting racism we’ve seen in confessions today. That is not the moral high ground.

One thousand percent correct. Taking this stance is utter hypocrisy. As demonstrated further:

I feel the need to address this: I get annoyed when people bash others opinions without stating why they think they are wrong. In this case the person did not say they objected the confessions for being racist, but for being stupid and ridiculous without stating why. If he/she would have objected them for being racist and explained in a civilized manner why they think they are then that would be a whole other matter. But they clearly in my opinion objected them in a different manner that to me just seemed like bashing other people’s opinons because they differ from his/her views and is not something they want to see.

This is the point where all logic leaves the room and the universe begins crumbling due to the sheer stupidity. Katrin’s outright display of holy tolerance for racism apologists and disregard for even-handed arguments isn’t nearly as bad as the complete lack of rational thought and accountability. Is it really necessary for people to take a stand and make a formal argument against the encouragement of racism? Isn’t that one of those things people consider a crime against humanity that doesn’t need any justification for being against? Give me a reason to think you don’t fully support them, because that’s exactly what you’re implying.

This is essentially how the conversation went down, though obviously the first line is not in the words of those who run the blog themselves.

"I hate black people."

"Dude, what the hell is wrong with you?"

"There’s no need for that tone. If you want to call me out, do so in a rational manner and present an applicable argument. You don’t have to bash someone’s opinion just because you disagree with them."

If you’re arguing about candy flavors, television shows, or sports teams, fine. Demanding fair treatment after presenting yourself or someone you support as openly racist and bigoted for no reason is literally retarded.

A few weeks ago, before submitting my “Stormcloaks aren’t racist” confession that got oh so much love from the community, I actually sent a similar question to the moderators. I don’t remember the exact wording, but it questioned why the vast majority of civil war posts favored the empire for legitimate reasons but bashed the rebellion for “racism” dogma. A more specific problem was that, when a pro-Stormcloak confession did arise every month or so, it was focused on the singular honor of one side rather than making an object comparison. Most Imperial confessions, however, vilified the rebellion with aggressive and unnecessary claims of bigotry, hatred, and conspiracy with the Thalmor, putting more emphasis on slander rather than making a case for the widely-viewed pragmatism of a united empire.

I wouldn’t say the number of supporters on each side is even enough to mean there should be balance within the confession material, but a lot of fault falls on the shoulders of those running the blog when the majority of confessions are like this. They claim to not pick sides and present every argument justly, but given the history of what this blog posts and the display we’ve seen in the past day or so, this simply isn’t true. To make matters worse, my question never got answered. Given the way both questions earlier were approached, maybe that’s for the best.

In the face of all this, I’m convinced that skyrimconfessionss is a full-fledged Imperial blog that either filters through confessions for ones supporting their agenda (while letting an occasional rational one like mine slip through to avoid suspicious), or a straight up propaganda page that is creating fake confessions to make the side they oppose look like imbeciles. Their refusal to answer a perfectly reasonable question about their intentions, along with answering other legitimate questions with hypocritical and self-righteous apologetics, has left me with very little reason to think otherwise.

My only suggestion? A name change. “Skyrim Confessions” seems to indicate things people do that are unusual or admissions of unique play styles and viewpoints. Your blog is no longer this. Here’s a a more appropriate title:

"Ill-conceived, confrontational, and ignorant hogwash spoken by people who don’t know anything about the lore of a three year old game, mixed with racist straw man arguments that the inclusive entirety of our opponents agree with, carefully weeded through to appear appeasing to both sides while avoiding any semblance of fairness, balance, or rationality, garnished with holier-than-thou hypocrisy upon being called out."

Where’s colonelkillabee when the world needs him?

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