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Anonymous asked:

Ok wow your a misogynistic piece of shit. Get fucked and go to hell you goddamn stupid cunt. I bet you just some stupid ass white kid with a neckbeard and shitty fedora hat. Fuck you, get the fuck out of the internet and take your shitty anti-women talk with you.



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WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA BACK THE FUCK UP. What the fuck is with your tag on that post about imperials, "obviously a she?" Because only a retarded woman would think that way and none of your perfect male buddies could ever be so stupid as to say something like that? The fuck do you have against women?

Wow, okay. First, language. If you actually have something to say you can do so without making yourself look like a vulgar homicidal maniac.

I really didn’t mean anything serious by that tag. It simply means the majority of posts or topics I see where people vilify for the Stormcloaks for perceived racism tend to not really care about all the other horrendous and morally depraved things you can do in the game. While irrational imperial supporters come in all shapes and sizes, most of the people posting things like that are female.

I think the likely reason for this is the modern age putting so much emphasis on certain issues that would normally be seen as relatively trivial. People don’t care as much about violence, starvation, global economy, the environment, or political scandals as they do about minor occurrences of prejudice in first world countries. Because the female brain (in general, not about everything or in every single case) leans more toward the emotional side of things and the male brain tends to be more empirical thinking, these issues tend to stick out more to girls than to guys. This is kind of evident in the huge amount of social justice blogs right here on tumblr run by females, while men tend either not to care or only have a fleeting interest for the sake of pity or gratification.

Again, this isn’t some universal judgement saying all men are perfectly logical and all women are train wrecks incapable of rational thought. It’s just an observation based on provable science and my own experiences with several individuals regarding such topics. I won’t apologize to you for being offended because it’s more of a joke than a condemnation of an entire gender, but hopefully you understand that it wasn’t intended to be a malicious calling out or anything.


"in all the time i’ve owned skyrim, across ten different save files, i have only sided with the stormcloaks once. and even then i didn’t have the heart to tell Suvaris Atheron that i hate the Dunmer upon initial arrival in windhelm."

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The problem with this scenario is how black or white they demand the player be about it. Either you hate the dark elves and imply that you’re a genocidal freak on par with the Thalmor, or you love the dark elves and want the entitled isolationism of the refugees to leech off the populace. They should have made it a lot more specific in regards to how Skyrim belongs to Nords or which elves you dislike for what reasons instead of hitting us in the face with an either-or when the situation is more complicated than that.


"If Alessia Caro and Ulfric Stormcloak weren’t 200 years, one Empire and a race apart, they would have loved each other so much. Xenophobia of a race/multiple races based on biased information and ignorant hatred? They’re perfect for each other. Sure, they might have arguments over Alessia’s love of torturing innocent creatures - Ulfric, after all, was tortured himself and may have difficulty doing so due to whatever hidden empathy he owns - but in the end they’d be wonderful together."

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Hey guys look I’m gonna ship two characters who have nothing alike and slyly fit “ZOMG ULFRIC AM RASSIST ITS OBJECTIVE SHUTUP” in there because I’m too lazy to spend thirty seconds reading some lore and realizing the opposite is true. Aren’t I just sooOOOoooOOooo clever?


"I love the amulet of Articulation."

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So much this. I love how the effect makes it impossible to fail a persuasion, but you get it late enough in a major questline that it doesn’t absolutely break the game. I love the story behind acquiring it, not just finishing the quests but becoming the leader by relatively reasonable means. I love how the effect could be interpreted as not necessarily magical, as seeing the pendant around your neck would make anyone realize who you are and think twice before disagreeing with you.

The only thing I don’t really like is the design. Three thieves guild symbols seems to indicate the Nightingale trinity, and the Nightingales suck.



"I will never be able to play as a Stormcloak.  despite my desire to see all the aspects of the game, the thought of a further-divided empire means the Thalmor win.  I hate the Thalmor more so than anything else in the game."

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The Stormcloaks are so racist. :/

The game basically makes you choose to be a bigot or a racist. :P

Not that I can stop playing it.

Viva la empire! :D

The Stormcloaks are not racist at all. Let’s take a look at the classic examples of pro-Imperial (or rather, anti-Stormcloak) arguments that get constantly spewed out with no examination, shall we?

  • Dunmer segregation in Windhelm
  • Argonians kept on the docks
  • Khajiit not allowed in cities
  • "Skyrim belongs to the Nords"

The Dunmer came to Windhelm soon after the events of the last game, long before Ulfric was even alive. Vvardenfell was destroyed by the red mountain volcanic eruption, so the Nords offered them a safe haven in the form of a large portion of their city. After nearly two centuries, their isolationism and unwillingness to contribute anything to society has turned their refuge into a ghetto and turned the citizens of Windhelm against them. They are accused of being imperial spies because they won’t lift a finger to help the Stormcloaks fight for their beliefs after being allowed to keep their foreign and “evil” customs like Daedra worship. In accordance with the Decree of Monument set forth by the high king, the refugees owe no fealty to the Jarl or hold, aren’t taxed, and have freedom to come and go as they please. One of them even has a farm outside the city with Nords working for him, and he says his kin need to actually work toward bettering themselves instead of complaining constantly.

The Argonians have a long history of violence and slavery with the Dunmer. For centuries the elves have been buying and selling them like cattle, and even going to war when they had enough oppression and killed one of the traders. The Argonians are also connected to the Hist and have the been known to band together in a regenerative collective consciousness (like in Oblivion when they invaded a gate and drove the Daedra back). So you tell me, is it wise to let two large groups of people with such animosity and potential for violence mingle in the streets of a city whose guards are stretched thin enough by war already?

Only the Khajiit caravans are banned from entering cities because they are known to be thieves and drug dealers. This isn’t racial profiling, it’s fact - linger around their camps and listen to them discuss getting the shakes from not having their moon sugar hit. Individual Khajiit not associated with the caravans are allowed in cities, like J’zargo, Tsavani, and Shavari. Even the latter, a secret Thalmor assassin, is allowed into Riften simply because she isn’t part of the trading company.

Last, and simplest. "Skyrim belongs to the Nords" is political, not ethnocentric. If you knew anything about the war, this would be obvious. The Nords want to break free of the crumbling empire and not be told how to live their lives by elven dictators, not kick everyone that isn’t them out of the country. It goes along with their other battle cry, “Death to the empire.”

Aside from that, what has Ulfric done that could be racist? Could it be the Markarth Incident, where he was asked by the empire to overthrow a barbaric group of domestic terrorists, then imprisoned for wanting to get back some of his people’s traditions? Or maybe it’s the fact that he allows multiple Altmer and Imperials to live in Windhelm and have perfectly normal lives - the very races that represent his enemy factions and whom he should be the most suspicious of by rights?

Now just for fun, let’s take a look at some examples of how the empire is demonstrably more racist. The very definition of Imperialism is a fitting place to start. The idea of an empire is to have one culture set up as dominant and teach your people that it is superior to others and necessary for foreign cultures to advance and maintain civility. General Tullius confirms this mentality with regards to the local Nords, the very people he’s supposed to be protecting. His negative statements and sarcastic tones with both his enemies and his own soldiers show significant apathy and disdain for their culture, religion, and political structure.

"Any last requests before I send you to…to wherever you people go when you die?"

"You people and your damn Jarls."

"Without [the legion] to keep order, the provinces would fall into barbarism and lawlessness. Especially Skyrim."

Try calling any non-white race “you people,” fictional or otherwise, and see how far you get before being referred to the KKK. Also bear in mind that it’s the empire that has consistently been passing legislation to keep the slave trade in Morrowind legal, a business that specifically targets Argonians, clearly showing that they value the entitlement of some cultures over the basic civil liberties of others.

So tell me again - how are the Stormcloaks so racist compared to the fascist bureaucracy they’re trying to break away from, the genocidal supremacists they refuse to bend knee to, and the slave traders / drug addicts they’re supposedly oppressing?


"I will never be able to play as a Stormcloak.  despite my desire to see all the aspects of the game, the thought of a further-divided empire means the Thalmor win.  I hate the Thalmor more so than anything else in the game."

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I genuinely don’t get the logic being employed here. The empire already lost Black Marsh, Morrowind, and Hammerfell - but if Skyrim secedes as well then suddenly everything is doomed. To the same time they argue that Skyrim isn’t able to defend itself from the Thalmor. So an independent Skyrim and a shattered empire are doomed, but Skyrim still part of a shattered empire is fine?

> join Rats proverkill day 1
> in bathroom, hear lab hissing
> kabewm
> um guys I just joined, am nowhere near the lab, and have no ingredients
> kicked

> join Firestarter proverkill day 1
> credit to team by blowing trucks with c4, leading bags through back road, picking gate
> host camping in the middle of the street, revive him twice with inspire
> all bags and players in the van, host standing by the fence
> “y is ur profile privat”
> didn’t say any names, naturally assume he’s talking to the other players with high infamy
> kicked

> join Rats proverkill day 3
> team has 4 sentry guns, no opposition for money bagging and c4 defusing
> getting one of the last bags, no prompt for c4 interaction
> bus blows with only me left inside, everybody else throwing bags in the chopper
> oh well, team can escape and I still get xp even after being in custody
> 2 seconds left in bleedout, team in escape zone
> “he made us miss a bag”
> kicked

This community is almost as toxic as L4D2 versus. Almost.

Falling Skies plot pacing - Glass



Episode three: Okay I found one of the monsters and tried questioning it but I was angry and stabbed it while it was mind melding with a kid almost killing her and didn’t get any information but had a dream later about where my daughter was so sent out scouts who found a safe zone in five minutes and then I was instantly with my daughter in a hippie commune and I don’t even care that she’s 30 years old.

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